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Blue Sky/Manquin

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Reposting from the CHGPA Google group:

Update on BlueSky Hang Gliding in Richmond

From: Shane Moreland <>
Date: June 5, 2024 at 10:43:34 AM EDT
Subject: Manquin Flight Park Club now open

Fellow East Coast Pilots,

As you're aware the unexpected death of Steve Wendt who operated Blue Sky Hang Gliding near Richmond for decades, put an immediate end to hang gliding at his flight park.

An advisory committee was formed and we have been working for many months to resurrect truck towing here. We have formed a hang gliding club which is now called Manquin Flight Park. This is a total volunteer-run, non-profit hang gliding club.

As you can imagine, there are many obstacles to overcome and we are still overcoming them. We are in the process of purchasing Steve's truck and towing equipment. Thankfully, donations are coming in to cover these expenses which is very encouraging. We are also paying to lease the property from the local farmer / owner.

Below are more details. Thanks, Shane

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From: Manquin Flight Park <>
Date: Wed, Jun 5, 2024, 10:12 AM
Subject: [Manquin Flight Park] Manquin Flight Park Open
To: Manquin Flight Park <>

Please come and fly, Manqin Flight Park is open.

The following is essentially the plan Steve used to determine who could fly under what conditions, Manqin Flight Park club will continue to follow Steve's process.

Below is the basic H2 pilots training plan. We believe most of Steves H2 pilots will be added to the midday mix very quickly. All references to rated pilots are for those pilots certified by Steve Wendt at BlueSky.

We plan to have three towing towing/flying stages based on tow drivers’ availability,

· Early morning between 9 and 12

· Midday towing between 12 and 5

· Late afternoon 5 till dusk

All H3 and above or any approved H2 pilot can fly in any of the three periods. Initially midday towing is restricted to H3 and above pilots and any approved H2 pilots.

There are a number of factors will be used to determine signoff or approval. How quickly H2 pilots will be added into the towing queue and at what time will be based on this signoff. The factors determining who and when pilots can fly are:

· Towing as always will be based on the wind conditions.

· Steve's 2023 flight log will be used to see who has recent experience

· Signoff of any H2 pilot by two H4 or above pilots or USHPA instructors with the following factors being monitored; Signoff is based on:

o Ability of the H2 pilot to set up and preflight check the appropriate glider for the H2 pilot and used by the H2 pilot

o A verbal description of the full towing process and understanding of the tow checkoff list by the H2 pilot

o Launch technique

o Safe handling of H2’s wing under tow

o Landing approaches

H2 pilots with less than 25 tows made in 2023 are to be towed up either early morning or late afternoon until signoff is obtained. All factors described above will be considered before adding a H2 pilot to the midday queue. Midday flying by each H2 pilot will be approved once we have agreement from two H4 and above pilots or two USHPA instructors or a mix of H4 or instructors and the two agree that the a H2 pilot understands the requirements and is safe to fly in the more active midday air.

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