Home Owners Policy that covers PG gear if stolen

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Joe Schad
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Home Owners Policy that covers PG gear if stolen

Post by Joe Schad »

Anyone ever had their PG gear or for that matter Hang Glider gear, covered by their Home Owners policy if stolen? Reason I ask is Steve Kinsley and I had all our gear in Steve's rental car trunk. Some one stole the car and now have all our gear. My USAA home owners policy will not cover the loss at all. The consider everything "aircraft" and therefore not covered. Steve's company is covering the loss due to theft minus the deductable.

I may be looking for a new insurance company for my homeowner's policy.

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Re: Home Owners Policy that covers PG gear if stolen

Post by theflyingdude »

Most homeowner insurance policies exclude coverage for "Aircraft and their parts", which is a common exclusion. They also exclude coverage for other classes of property, such as "Automobiles and their parts", as well. While you might be able to schedule a paraglider and associated equipment for coverage under a separate Inland Marine "rider" attached to the policy, the cost to do so would probably be prohibitive. Some equipment, like a GPS, that could be used for purposes other than just aviation could be covered by arguing they are not "aircraft or their parts". A parachute might fall into that category, as well, (no pun intended), but by the time they apply your deductible, it might not be worth making the claim and depending upon the company and particular claims handler, they might remain unconvinced.

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